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I usually offer an outdoor photo shoot in Belgium.
The session lasts 1 to 2 hours in a previously agreed location.

Couples, pregnancies, births, newborns, children, professionals, ordinary citizens, and even your favorite animals ...
I adapt to all requests with a passion for composition!

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I want to collect all these little moments that you will not see, all the ones that you will forget.
I want to participate in the memories that you will discover, those that you will relive by looking at the photos, those that you will show your children one day.
My sensitivity, my eye, my interpretation will guide me throughout the day to capture these beautiful and timeless memories.

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I can also accompany you on various trips in Belgium or abroad, I will follow you while being discreet in order to capture the most beautiful moments in a spontaneous and natural way.
Honeymoon trips, with family, friends or colleagues, anything is possible!


Home Photo-Shooting are ideal for perfect privacy and beautiful personalized photographs! Whether professional, family, newborn or couple photographs, the portable studio is suitable for this type of photo-shooting and for every room in the house.
I come with my equipment and set up my own home studio for you to guarantee you a result that meets your expectations.

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I produce various reports such as concerts or festivals but also for your company's events (trade shows, conferences, product launches, inauguration of new premises, seminars, institutional evenings, cocktails, etc.).


 Image presence increases your visibility by an average of 94%. For a company, having the right communication media is therefore essential to obtain visibility and credibility. I present your products, your employees and your services in their best light.




Having always been concerned by current environmental problems, I offer a service with ultra-attractive prices specific to each one in order to help you promote your activity focused on sustainable development.
These can be new start-ups, non-profit organizations, conventions, exhibitions, alternative food, short circuits, etc.
Come and explain your project to me and I will help you with the greatest pleasure!

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